Skamotec has introduced an innovative new way of building fireplace enclosures. Skamotec is a light-weight, non-combustible building board that simplifies the construction process by eliminating the need for steel or wood frame constructions. The result is a complete one product solution for your fireplace enclosure that solves a significant challenge facing dealers and installers today – recurring cracks and costly callbacks. When installed correctly, the Skamotec solution will virtually eliminate cracks while providing dealers, installers and home owners with a set of other crucial advantages.


Skamtec 225 building boards are non-combustible and can resist temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celcius. The material has been tested in accordance with AS NZS 5601.1, AS1530.3, AS2918 and ASTM C182, meeting requirements for the BCA for Gas an Wood heater installations.

Ease of Installment

The light-weight nature of the Skamotec boards makes the product easy to handle and install. Skamotec is around 50% lighter than other non-combustible boards on the market today. Building fireplace enclosures with Skamotec is equally easy for you as an installer, using common wood working tools and fasteners to cut, shape and combine the material as you desire, while leaving very little excess material. Skamotec allows you to greatly reduce your construction time for the individual fireplace enclosure.

One Building Product - Multiple Design Solutions

Due to the strength of Skamotec, installers are able to apply various finishing materials, eg. stone and tile. Multiple types of fireplace enclosures can be built using the product.

In fact, most enclosures can be built using only Skamotec, replacing the need for light-frame construction and wall covering. This eliminates a complete stage in the construction process, combining multiple building materials into one. 

Skamotec is used for both traditional and contemporary fireplace installations, as shown in the examples above.

How to Install Skamotec:

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