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5 Tips to Clean Your Air Conditioner for Spring

girl sneezing allergy season clean your air con

Spring time is here, and sadly, so are spring time allergies.

Hay-fever and allergies due to pollen and dust are rife in the months of September to March, and most of the time you won’t even realise your home is holding as much dust (and mould) as it is.

You air conditioner is a great place to start your spring cleaning. Given that they’re not used through the colder months (unless you have a split or reverse cycle), your air conditioner unit is prime real estate for dust and mould spore collection. To save your family (and yourself!) from unwanted spring time sniffles, follow our 5 tips below for effective air con cleaning:


1. Remove and clean your dust filters

Your dust filters are very important to keep clean. The more clogged with dust your filters get, the harder your unit has to work, resulting in higher running costs for your household.

To remove your filters, it’s usually as easy as removing the plastic front casing from your unit, and taking them out (it may be worthwhile to Google your make and model to check what your filters look like first).

You then have three steps to clean:

  • take them outside and give them a good shake around
  • run your vacuum over the top of the filter using a brush head if possible
  • wash in warm, mildly soapy water to get all remaining dust and mould out

Make sure your filters are completely dry before you put them back in.


2. Give your louvres a good wipe down

The most obvious part of your air conditioning unit to clean is the louvres – these are the actual ‘flaps’ of your unit. Each type of system contains different louvre set ups. For example, ceiling cassettes generally contain four sets of louvres, whereas a standard wall mounted unit contains 3-4 louvres. Depending on your system, you can usually get these out relatively easy. Ducted (or ceiling) air conditioner louvres can usually be removed by lifting up each segment, and angling them out through the gap. For wall mounted units, it is a good idea to simply use a slightly damp cloth or a feather duster to clean your louvres and avoid damage. If you’re unsure, feel free to call our Hearth House experts for a professional clean.


3. Run an ‘Auto Clean’ of your system

Most modern air conditioner units will have a function in their control panel or remote labelled either ‘flush’, ‘auto clean’ or ‘a/clean’. These perform a quick rinse and flush in your internal system to rid the unit of older moisture and old water. For a full flush of your system to get your machine running at best capacity, we do recommend hiring a professional.


4. Remove any obstructions from the outer unit

It’s worthwhile checking the exterior of your air conditioning system as well – a dirty machine can circulate dust from outside if not cleaned properly. Head outside and make sure your outer part is free of vegetation, cobwebs, and any other obstructions. Clean with a vacuum for an extra tidy service.


5. Have a professional clean at least once a year

We do recommend having your air conditioner serviced by the professionals (yes, that’s us!) at LEAST once a year to make sure your system continues to run smoothly. We can run a complete flush of your air con (including checking your compressor for any damaged parts and using the correct fluid for your machine), repair any issues, and install the correct parts. Our team also clean the filters and louvres for you, saving you time that could be spent enjoying the sunshine!


For assistance on cleaning your air conditioner, or to have one of our friendly team members clean your system for you, get in touch today.