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Is Your Air Conditioner Affecting the Productivity of Your Team?

Is your air conditioning system making your employees less productive?

Well… no. Not the physical air conditioner itself. But having a room too hot or too cold for your workers and/or customers/clients can be the difference between productivity and lethargy. So while you may be thinking that the drop in work output is due to meetings, emails or routine, it’s definitely worth taking a look at your climate. 


But what’s the perfect temperature? 


Between 21 and 22 degrees has been deemed the ‘golden temperature’ for work productivity. Too hot and people become uncomfortable and distracted. Too cold and they become chilly and distracted! A study conducted in Florida for over a month discovered that the colder the worker, the more mistakes were made, potentially increasing an hourly worker cost by up to 10%. 


So the moral is – check that your air conditioner is functioning properly and gets maintained often for maximum workplace efficiency in time for those annual reviews! 


The more modern systems can even be programmed to start at a certain time and automatically shut off – saving you power bills and time. Also, it’s important to just be a good team leader and make sure your team is as comfortable as possible. 


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