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The Benefits of Cast Iron

You may have noticed that most of our fireplaces, stoves, fire-pits and cookers boast about being cast iron – but what does that mean?

Purchasing a cast iron product means purchasing a market-leading, long lasting and durable item.

Even, long lasting heat

Cast iron is a metal that is amazing at evenly spreading heat evenly, and retaining heat – meaning it takes less effort to heat your space and making your product incredibly efficient to run. The heat retention provided by cast iron fireplaces means your home will stay nice and toasty all night long.


Versatile designs

Cast iron products have a beautiful finish to them, hence the rising popularity in new homes that are focused on interior design. When compared to steel fireplaces, it’s a clear winner between which product has the more versatile look. If your fireplace is set to be the focal point of your area, cast iron offers a greater design range, due to the process of how it is made, and the finish on the product. If your fireplace is purely for functional purposes, either option will suit your needs.


Designed for the long term

The main benefit of cast iron as a material is that there are no weak spots – that means there will be no rust spots, cracks or damage from high temperatures or moisture.


If you’re looking for a new fireplace for your home, a fire pit for fun outdoor social evenings, or a new cooker for your kitchen, get in touch with our team. We’re more than happy to advise!


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