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Breezair Supercool

Price Range: $5000 - $10000

Enjoy superior cooling this summer with new Breezair Supercool!

This incredible new range has super thick Chillcel pads, producing up to 20% more cooling when compared to the standard range.

From the patented motors and fans, to the innovative rooftop unit design and our intuitive and smart MagIQtouch Controller, every element of the Breezair evaporative air conditioning system comes together to ensure that your family will enjoy the benefits of natural and energy efficient cooling, all year round.

Special Features

  • patented motor and fan are incredibly quiet, so your family (and your neighbours) can get on with their activities, or sleep soundly, without the disruption of a noisy cooling unit.
  • The Tornado Pump is Australian made and exceptionally reliable in extreme conditions’
  • The MagiQtouch Air sensor is an optional extra available with the MagIQtouch Controller, monitoring the air temperature which is measured at the most relevant place, not just near the controller
  • As evaporative air conditioning relies on the flow of water, Breezair has created the WaterMiser® Monitor to minimise water usage whilst cooling your home.
  • As a proud brand in the Seeley International range of heating and cooling solutions, every part of the Breezair air conditioning unit is manufactured in Australia, so you can rest assured that parts and service can be sourced locally and quickly.

MagIQtouch Controller

Operating your Breezair with its MagIQtouch Controller is a breeze.

Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, its discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the decor of your home.


  • program mode allows a settable 7 day, 4 time periods program, customisable to suit your lifestyle
  • child access lock with pin code control
  • customise the temperature range displayed on the slider
  • displaying the status information for troubleshooting
  • inbuilt diagnostics for if a fault is detected
  • auto drain and dry is an optional function allows you to automatically drain water from the tank