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Charnwood Arc 7

Price Range: $1500 - $2500

If you’re looking for a wood heater that’s a little bit different, little bit modern and definitely unique, you’ve found it in the Charnwood Arc 7. A brilliant British made wood heater from the Isle of Wight, the Arc 7’s defining feature is its curved front door and glass, which sets it apart from the crowd in terms of looks.

But how does it stack up technically? Clean burning, the Arc 7 has an awesome emissions rating of 0.8g, making one of the cleanest burning heaters in its category. Adding in the 70% efficiency rating, we’re saving on wood usage and particle emissions at the same time. The Arc 7 has a fantastic heat output of 130m², brilliant for heating the average home.

The Arc 7 comes with the ability to top or rear flue, giving you great flexibility regarding your heater’s position within the home, and with the optional store stand, allows you to truly customise your heater to suit your home and styling. The Arc 7 also comes with an epic shaker grate, which allows you to shake the ash that sits in your firebox down into the ash trays below, which can be removed from your heater to be emptied.

In order to get even more out a phenomenal heater, adding Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit allows you to keep 8% more heat in the room than traditional air-cooled flue kits. Also adding an Outside Air Intake allows you to bring fresh air from outside into your heater directly, rather than taking air from your home. These two systems together allow you to have a completely airtight system for your Arc 7, keeping the air in your heater and the heat in your room, perfect for any new home.

With its stunning curved glass, brilliant interior, and ultimate flexibility, it’s not hard to see why the Arc 7 has taken Australia by storm, and why it’s the ideal wood heater to fit in your home.