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Esse 990 Wood Cast Iron

Price Range: $10000 - $15000, $15000+
ESSE 990 WOOD CAST IRON Hearth House

The 990 represents the evolution in ESSE’s wood-fired offering. It draws on classic ESSE styling from the 1930s, blending vintage aesthetics with modern benefits. Within its cast Iron construction, the 990 embodies years of experience, innovation, testing and refinement: resulting in a range cooker which not only looks stunning, but also flies the flag for technological and environmental developments.

As well as being one of the most beautifully proportioned cookers in the ESSE collection, we believe the 990 is the cleanest-burning cooker of its kind in the World. Twin catalytic combustors below the hotplate ‘re-burn’ any smoke particles which escapes from the fire resulting in miniscule CO emissions of just 1.7 grams – an amazing feat for an appliance in any way. The efficiency of the 990 has been independently measured at more than 72%.

With three huge ovens and the biggest cast iron hotplate in our range, the stately 990 does not simple offer more space – but more flexibility. Each oven operates at a different temperature to provide the widest range of roasting and baking option. Oven temperatures are extremely even, so your dishes won’t need to be turned during cooking. The 990’s expansive hotplate also feature different temperature zones so you can simply slide your pans across to the perfect boiling or simmering pot.

The most distinctive feature of the remarkable 990 is its unique firebox. Opening the upper left door reveals a secondary, clear, glass door through which you can see the fire and allow heat to flood into the room. The warmth and flickering light from the flames are particularly welcome on grey and drizzly afternoons.  Both the hotplate and oven temperatures are regulated by controlling the burn rate of the fuel. The glass door of the firebox makes it simple to monitor the fire and see at a glance when more fuel is needed.

When it has been necessary for the fire to be completely extinguished for cleaning or servicing, the 990 is able to quickly reach cooking temperature once again, even from cold.


  • One of the most unique cookers ever built. She has 3 true cooking ovens PLUS the firebox comes with a glass door so you can open the front up and use the heat to warm up your home.
  • The 990 wood stoves have 2 Esse afterburners that make this cooker so much cleaner and a single load of firewood will give you 12+ hours in burn time.
  • At 990mm wide – the extra-large dog bone hot plate gives plenty of room for 6+ pots.
  • Optional 3kW wetback to heat up your hot water within the home
  • Esse’s patented Catalytic afterburners re-ignites the smoke as it leaves your cooker, ensuring a hotter, cleaner and more environmentally friendly lower emissions fire.
  • Optional electric companion can be added to your wood stove giving you 2 additional electric ovens and 4 electric hot plates.


Height (mm) 900
Width (mm) 990
Depth (mm) 600
Flue Type 6″
Efficiency (%) 68
Emmissions (g/hr) 1.8
Est Peak Output (kw) 6Kw