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Invicta Onsen Cast Iron

Price Range: $2500 - $5000

Invicta’s most affordable slow combustion stove yet, the Invicta Onsen lets you bask in beautiful warmth while enjoying the flames from any angle, thanks to its distinctive three-pane firebox. Offering one of the lowest emission scores in Australia, Onsen is a superbly efficient and understatedly handsome addition to any home.


  • Ecodesign 2022 compact
  • 81% Efficiency
  • Built-in wood storage
  • Post-combustion technology
  • Made in France

Onsen lights the way to a less resource intensive future for home fireplace, with full Ecodesign compliance – an EU-led initiative requiring all solid fuel stoves to meet strict emissions criteria and offer at least 80% efficiency from 2022 forward.