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Masport Redwood Up To 300m2

Price Range: $2500 - $5000

Supreme output and efficiency, for abundantly heating open plan spaces.


  • Efficiently heats medium to large sized areas
  • Large 8mm radiant cook top
  • Optional 2-speed fan for convection heating
  • 6mm steel firebox for durability
  • Lined with masonry fire bricks and a steel baffle for efficient burning
  • Built in ash pan to collect ash and make disposal easier


Height (mm) 799
Width (mm) 790
Depth (mm) 715
Warranty (years) 1
Firebox Warranty (years) 10
Flue Type Conventional Flue
Efficiency (%) 63.8
Approx Heat Area (m2) 300
Emmissions (g/hr) 0.8
Est Peak Output (kw) 30