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Morso 7900 Series Up To 150m2

Price Range: $5000 - $10000

The Morso 7900 features a large panoramic glass window on the front of the stove and double glazed windows on its sides to naturally bring the life of the flames into the room. Behind the glass a superior air wash system blows hot air across the inside of the glass to keep the viewing area clean.

The 7900 can become even more efficient with the introduction of the heat storage system. The heat storage system perfectly integrates on top of the 7900 fireplace, and enables you to store heat and emits it slowly for a longer of period of time.

Available in the 7948 Pedastal, as well as the 7943 Ash drawer. The 7900 series also includes additional soap stone top’s helping you keep the heat within the heater for longer.