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Pacific Energy Neo Freestanding Up To 300m2

Price Range: $2500 - $5000

Neo 1.6 & 2.5

Make a bold statement with the contemporary line of wood stoves from Pacific Energy. Equipped with the industry leading technologies the Neo stoves are setting a new benchmark for clean burning wood heaters. Solid steel construction, floating firebox with a stainless steel baffle and high-efficiency finned heat exchanger.


  • two models to choose from
  • Neo 1.6 heats up 200M2 homes
  • Neo 2.5 heats up 250M2 homes
  • both have burn times from an unbelievable 12-15 hours!
  • the most efficient heater on the market at a crazy 82% efficiency for the 2.5 and not far behind the 1.6 has a 75% rating
  • ash dumping system, optional colours, bottom air control a removable cooktop what more could you want!
  • stunning flame pattern through the revolutionary secondary burn baffle