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Pyroclassic IV Freestanding – Up To 180m2

Price Range: $2500 - $5000

The Pyroclassic IV is definitely in its own element. Designed over 30  years ago by the department of Scientific and Industrial Research in Wellington New Zealand, the Pyroclassic  is amongst the very cleanest burning wood fires the world has ever produced, with 0.3g/Kg emissions.

That’s an impressive 88% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class. This is 35% more efficient than other heaters in this range – meaning you will burn 3 mtrs of wood less per year.

The firebox of the Pyroclassic is a round ceramic cylinder that heats the fire to over 600 degrees giving you the perfect environment to burn clean and produce a consistent heat.

This heater comes with many optional extra goodies such as a wet back – giving you 3kw of low pressure hot water, optional Eco Flue kit – allowing the air from the ceiling space to be used to cool the flue down and increasing performance by 8% and many many more.

Save with the IV package… including the Pyro in ANY Dulux powder coat colour, a large or small wooden box, wall screen and essentials kit (tool stand, ember rake, moisture rake and re-usable firelighters).