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Regency Hume Up To 300m2

Price Range: $2500 - $5000

The Hume provides a dramatic wide glass view of an incredible fire while warming larger living areas. The firebox is specially designed to maximise heat output and is fitted with a 3 speed fan for extra circulation. The resulting heating capacity is an area of approximately 300 sqm

Standard Features

  • Heats approx 300 sqm
  • Large glass viewing area
  • Single Rod control
  • Strong bakelite handles
  • Steel firebox with cast iron lining & a firebrick base
  • 8mm steel baffle
  • Airwash system
  • Powerful 3-speed fan
  • Low emissions 1.5kg


Height (mm) 859
Width (mm) 769
Depth (mm) 539
Firebox Warranty (years) 15 Year Limited Warranty
Approx Heat Area (m2) 300m2
Emmissions (g/hr) 1.5g/kg