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Meet the newest of the Masport family!

Masport Creswick

The newest member of the Masport family Рthe Creswick  has finally arrived and is keeping your favorite Heating and Air conditioning show room floor nice and toasty. Big brother to the Clunes, these steel freestanding wood fires are designed with a gorgeous modern glass door for better viewing of the ambience a fire brings to any space.

Fan fitted for convection heating, and fitted with a 6mm durable steel firebox, they are the perfect mix if style and warmth, guarenteed to warm even the coldest of hearts.

With the Clunes heating medium sized spaces (up to 140m2) and the Creswick larger areas (up to 250m2), the freestanding wood fires bring beauty and simplicity to any home, providing a contemporary look with strong designer flair.

 The Clunes and Creswick come with a 10 year extensive firebox warranty under normal use and service, and a 1 year warranty on all internal fire parts. Made and designed in New Zealand, the latest additions to the Masport range of wood fires adds warmth and wow to the winter of 2019.

Make sure you come check out Hearth House Bunbury warm and toasty showroom floor, courtesy of the Masport Creswick.. or click on the link for more information: https://www.hearthhousebunbury.com.au/product/masport-creswick/