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True North TN20 wood heater just $1,599!!!

Made in Canada for Canadian Winters… the TN20

You know a wood heater is good when it’s built in a place known for its bitterly cold seasons. The True North TN20 heater is built with quality as well as achieving burn times as almost as good as its relative fire, the Pacific Energy Neo fire, but without the price tag.

The fire owes its burn time status to a few features and elements that most wood heaters sold in Australia don’t have. For example; four burn tubes as part of the combustion system giving you four times the efficiency, fully firebrick lined, made from 10 gauge steel, a gasketed cast iron door just to mention a few..

The TN20 is also unique because of its North to South style firebox. Most fireboxes these days are designed East to West, but the TN20 has an 18″ long firebox that you can put extra long lengths of wood in, up to 450mm long. Another reason this heater achieves sensational burn times!

Available in a Pedestal model, which is a common style in Australia, it enhances its sturdy solid appearance. Or how about giving the TN20 a country style appearance with the Legs model. Alongside the solid cook top which you can use to cook your dinner or boil your kettle all winter long.

Hearth House Bunbury are currently running an amazing special on the TN20… $1,599 for the firebox!!! All the ingenuity of the Pacific Energy’s wood heater range but for a fraction of the price!! Come down to our store to check it out or pick up your new heater today. This special is only running until our last TN20 heater is sold, secure yours today.