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Welcome to the family – Alberni 2.5!!!

Introducing the Alberni 2.5…

The Alberni is designed with one purpose in mind; offer nothing but the best. The class of a charcoal finish door and top gives the Alberni a commercial quality finish, where the added vitreous enameled black sides enhance the style and appeal the Alberni is created for.

This heater is tested with an impressive average of 82% efficiency. On average you would burn 5mtrs of wood less than any other heater in this range.

You will love the 12+ burn time that this heater will guarantee when using good dry hard wood. It’s 340mm deep firebox helps too by allowing you to put some good size sections of wood.

As well as all the other goods that the Neo and other models have to offer, this heater is just another great product from Pacific Energy.