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Winter is coming!!!

The season for wood fires is nearly amongst us and Hearth House Bunbury is here to remind you to check your wood heaters before you light them up.

A poorly maintained flue, particularly in a combustion stove, is a fire hazard. Without yearly cleanings, creosote builds up in your flue run, creating a potentially serious hazard. Creosote can corrode your flue and cause fires, as well as corrode the flue liners and joints.

We offer an overall clean of the flue and firebox, as well as the peace of mind in ensuring that everything is safe and secure for the first fire of the season.

Call us today on 08 9721 2826 and book in for a Flue and Firebox clean today, beat the rush and ensure you’re ready for the first cold night of a long and chilly winter.

Other tips to help you stay warm this winter:

  • Keep wood dry by storing it under cover in a shed, garage or even under a tarp.
  • Get good dry hardwood from a reputable supplier to ensure it is good quality.
  • Only burn unpainted, untreated hardwood in your heater.
  • Don’t cram the firebox full – allow air to circulate around the timber.
  • Keep your fire burning bright – check out your chimney from time to time. If you see smoke coming from the chimney, open the flue up to allow more air into the firebox.
  • Avoid letting your wood heater smoulder – that creates more smoke going up the chimney

To book one of our excellent technicians to clean your flue and provide you with peace of mind this season, click here to make a booking.